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We are a Texas-based Non-profit. We are a 501c3 in filing. A charitable organization of Faith Family and Freedom with a social media platform. Our Mission is to support and promote Faith Family and Freedom across America. 

We know every human soul is divine and good. We believe most Americans reject the lies of wokeness, outrage culture, cancel culture, critical race theory; and desire to preserve and share the great light, love, and liberty God gave them. We hope this platform will be a haven for all God’s Children who have Faith in God, Love  Family, and value Freedom.

By consolidating and providing enriching voices and resources, we not only connect like-minded believers, but promote biblical freedom, the biblical idea of Family, uphold and strengthen the American family, defend American freedoms and liberties without the risk of being “cancelled”. God Bless This American Family is passionate about glorifying God through changing the culture of how we interact online. 

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God Bless This American Family

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